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Hospital Food Service Procurement & Installation

Industry: Hospital Food Service

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

This bid hospital project, which became $5.6 million food service project, involved the complete redesign of the room service areas. C&T provided the procurement and installation of all foodservice equipment as well as project management services over the two year time period that it took to complete the project. Once completed, the hospital was equipped with a 24-hour café and nine remote pantries on various floors. There was updated refrigeration, dish rooms, custom serving lines, and more than a dozen walk-ins, several of which had glass or automatic doors. The final serving area and kitchen were on two separate floors, meaning that elevators had to be used in order to transport the food from the lower level kitchen to the server located on the floor above. Food transportation systems were also designed and put in place to move the food from the kitchen on the lower level to the nurses’ stations on each corresponding floor.