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Perks for K-12 Schools Enrolled in Cool School Cafe® Program

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Participation in the Cool School Cafe® Program is Free!Attention all K-12 Foodservice Directors and Purchasing Decision-Makers!

Cool School Cafe® is an amazing and free program for K-12 schools. Cool School Cafe® rewards you for purchasing items you probably already buy! The enrollment process is simple. Start earning rewards today!

Schools enrolled in the Cool School Cafe® program earn points for purchasing certain products from vendors involved in the program, and then redeem those earned points for the reward(s) of their choice. 

Check out the complete list of participating vendors and list of rewards.

Did I mention that participating in this program is free? I did? Well, it is worth mentioning again! In this economy, who can afford to turn down free stuff? Nobody!

Check out their website for more information on the Cool School Cafe® program!

Cool School Cafe® Vendors

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Indianapolis Monthly Names The 25 Best Restaurants

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Indianapolis Monthly Announces The 25 Best RestaurantsCongratulations to all named one of Indy's 25 Best Restaurants by Indianapolis Monthly. C&T Design is proud to be able to say that several of those bestowed with this honor in 2013 are clients we call our very own.


I, for one, know where I will be eating dinner over the next month.. If I can get a table at these amazing places! All of the restaurants named truly are gems for their own reasons.



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Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops)

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Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops) will be in Afghanistan in June of this yearChef Charles Carroll, the Executive Chef at River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas, is the Founder and Coordinator of Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops). Operation: HOT’s goal of bringing a “little taste of home” and entertainment to the fine troops stationed in Southern Afghanistan is just one way of showing their sincere gratitude for all of the sacrifices they make for each one of    
                                                                            us. Operation: HOT will take place in June of this
                                                                            year. This is the second time Chef Carroll will be
                                                                            entertaining our troops. The first Operation: HOT
                                                                            took place in June of 2011.

Chef Charles Carroll and Gawain Guy (C&T Principal) discuss Operation: HOT in Houston, TXChef Carroll will be taking an amazing team of people to Afghanistan to entertain our troops in Afghanistan. The day will start with a Cajun Creole home cooked meal by Chef John Folse and Company. Then more than 2 tons of gifts will be given away to our troops, from NFL gear to Visine to baby wipes. After the wonderful meal and gifts, Coach Lou Holtz, legendary Notre Dame coach turned ESPN analyst, will open the show with an inspirational speech. ABC’s Secret Millionaire Steve Kaplan will continue to inspire with the secrets to success. Internationally acclaimed hypnotist Boris Cherniak will follow with a humorous and strong performance of mind control. Carmen Barton, said to be one of the hottest new female comedians, will take the stage next. Chef Robert Irvine will then put on a phenomenal live cooking show. Finally, L.A.vation, a U2 tribute band, will finish out the evening by putting on a rocking show.

C&T Design coordinated the donation of four CookTek induction cookers for the cooking portion of the event.

Thank you to CookTek and CookTek President Warren Graber for donating the induction cookers.

Thank you to Chef Carroll and the entire team going to Afghanistan to entertain our amazing troops.

                        Chef Carroll received the American flag from the General during his first Operation: HOT in Afghanistan in 2011

For more information on this amazing event, please visit Chef Carroll’s website here: http://www.chefcharlescarroll.com/index.php/operationhot.

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C&T Design Houston Project Published in FE&S Magazine

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C&T Design's Houston Branch's Carrabba's Project is on the Cover of this Month's FE&S MagazineGracing the cover of this month's Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine is a C&T Design project! Tom Cook, the manager of the C&T Design branch in Houston, Texas, provided design services for the kitchen on this project and did a fantastic job. Read the full story here (beginning on page 41).

Congratulations to Johnny and the Carrabba's team on yet another beautiful restaurant!

Congratulations, Tom, on this well-deserved not. What an honor.


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Sous Vide Cooking Moving into Fast Casual Dining

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It’s not uncommon for trends within the foodservice industry to start at the figurative “top” and work their way “down”.

Such is the case for sous vide cooking, which had its ground-breaking moments in fine dining establishments, and is now taking off in fast casual operations.

Sous Vide is French for “under vacuum” and it is the process by which some combination of protein, fruits, vegetables and spices is vacuum-packed in food-grade plastic. The packet is then submerged in a warm water bath for an extended period of time until its contents are cooked to the desired internal temperature.

This method of cooking fits perfectly in fast casual operations primarily because of its reliability. The sous vide method makes it easy to cook a high-quality dish repeatedly. This characteristic is especially important in operations that may experience high turnover, have a majority of part-time staff and/or minimal training resources.

For operations that have locations nationwide, sous vide is a great method because it provides a way for the operation to ensure the quality of its food across the board. One example of this comes from Chipotle, which sous vide cooks all of the meat for its barbacoa and carnitas in one central location and then ships the meat to its stores to be finished on the flattop grill before service. This process allows Chipotle to ensure that its meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature, without compromising a precise, pure and consistent flavor. Because the product is vacuum-packed before it’s cooked, it is also easy to ship.

In a market segment where signature flavor is also a huge point of differentiation, sous vide becomes a great tool. The reason is that the process eliminates several variables that can alter flavor. Once the food is vacuum-packed the only things that can influence the flavor are the ingredients in the packet. This measure of control practically guarantees that the flavor will be consistently pure, making it great for a company like Panera to use on its new menu items including steak, turkey and salmon for sandwiches.

Recognizing that a key component to a successful sous vide process is using the proper equipment, manufacturers like Vollrath and Randell have introduced products specifically designed for sous vide cooking.

Sous vide cooking is a burgeoning trend in fast casual dining. It’s a reliable, easy-to-teach cooking method that produces consistently high-quality product. Now that sounds like a recipe for success in any operation.

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Featured Project - Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant

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Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant Reopened in October of 2012Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant is a local mainstay near the South Broad Ripple (SoBro) and Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods of Indianapolis. In August of 2011, an electrical fire started in the early hours of the morning in the restaurant. Aside from several pieces of stained glass, the resulting smoke damage deemed the entire front and back of the house a complete loss. The owner, Rick Rising-Moore, turned this devastating event into an opportunty to rethink the design and layout of the kitchen to accomodate the expansion of the surrounding neighborhoods. The restaurant was rebuilt and reopened in October of 2012.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

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