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Chef Joe Arvin on the Blodgett HydroVection Oven

Posted 9:39 PM by

Celebrity Chef Joe Arvin of the hit CBS reality series Big Brother stopped by the C&T Indy office last week to show off Blodgett's HydroVection oven. Tune in to what he had to say about it below!

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Randell FX Series Fish File Cabinets & Seafood Storage

Posted 5:42 PM by

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Fish are expensive and among the most perishable foods we eat. Fish do not like water once they are out of it but must be kept as cold as possible at 32 degrees in order to maintain freshness. Until now ice has really been the only way to reach and hold that temperature. Even a few degrees increase can take days off the shelf life. Imagine the ability to store seafood at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for the ice bin in the walk-in or a fish file cabinet which requires icing, re-icing and labor to maintain temperature.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet

Storage is the key factor in maintaining the taste and quality of your fresh fish. The FX Series refrigeration system from Randell is the most revolutionary and ideal way to store seafood. The patented design allows the unit to capture and maintain the cold air allowing for precise temperature control. This allows a temperature range of -5 to 40°F or if it's seafood right at 32 degrees. No other refrigeration can give you this kind of control and range in a single unit. And best of all, the unit can be used at point of use under the hood!


No matter which FX fish file cabinet design you choose, it is going to provide you with the ideal storage environment that keeps fish:

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet1) Precisely at 32 Degrees. The operator sets the temperature using the top mounted digital control that allows you to dial in the ideal fish storage temperature of 32 degrees. The precise temperature capability extends shelf life and allows you to consistently create great food.

2) Moist & Hydrated. No dehydration because the lid offers low velocity cooling that uses gravity to pull cold air down around the product versus using fans to circulate cold air around the cabinet and across the top of the product. Low velocity cooling is key to limiting dehydration and waste thereby increasing gross profit percentages.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - ABS Insulated Drawer
3) Keeps Fish Away from Water. 
FX refrigeration provides storage "WITHOUT ICE" because the heavy ABS insulated insert provides full access to the product, 100% utilization of the 3 cubic feet of storage and keeps cold with the product eliminating the need for ice and temperature reduction assistance. The cold air flows from the diffuser to all surfaces of the drawer resulting in precise temperature control.


FX Series Refrigeration

  • Convertible refrigeration system (refrigerator to freezer)
  • Temperature set from -5 to 40°F
  • Precise temperature control - holds 32 degrees precisely
  • Removable insulated drawer compartment
  • Ambient drawer track system can accomodate a -5°F operation
  • Horizontal gasket hidden from pan edges

Randell FX Series Refrigeration

Available Options & Accessories

  • Scrap bin
  • Built-in chilled display case
  • Chilled rail area
  • Open storage
  • Mechanically cooled work surface
  • Mechanically cooled elevated rail
  • Hand sink
  • Prep sink with cleaning trough
  • Tare scale shelf
  • Cleaning faucet and hose reel
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Why Choose FX Chef Bases

Posted 1:43 PM by

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Better temperature control and stability. The FX Series can operate at any temperature setting between -5 and 40°F, allowing you to store a wide variety of food products. No other refrigeration system allows you to break through the refrigeration barrier to hold 32 degrees or hold precise temperature within +/- 2 degrees no matter the circumstances.

Randell's FX Series RefrigerationFood safety. The magnet-to-magnet seal of the lid to the insert locks cold air in while preventing attacks from warm, humid, and ambient air. This cuts down on spoilage, waste, and reduces the risk of bacterial contaminant which in turn boosts profit.

Energy efficiency. The evaporator coil and fans turn off when the unit is open, saving energy and preventing cold air from being pushed out. A single drawer unit only requires 3.9 amps to run even in the harshest environment.

Reliability. The FX Series chef base front breathing design prevents recycling of the exhausted hot air through the condenser allowing it to run 25 degrees cooler than traditionally designed condensing housings. Even in the hottest kitchens.

Strength. Our tops are designed with a 14 gauge solid core top that will accommodate all types of cooking equipment including chargrills, griddle, fryers and even combination ovens. The top is made with a marine edge that will structurally support up to 225 pounds per linear foot. More than enough for the heaviest pieces of cooking equipment. 

Chef base measurements and size options on page 2 of this document.

Click here for more information on the FX Series.

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FX Promoting Safe Food Storage

Posted 4:55 PM by

FX Series Refrigerated Drawer Promotes Food SafetyFood safety is a primary concern for every area of the commercial kitchen, including the refrigerated storage area. Restaurant owners and managers clearly understand that their role in safeguarding against food borne illness is crucial. Promoting food safety can be expensive for an organization, but it pales in comparison to the costs associated with damages from an outbreak or fees from a low grade inspection. Restaurateurs and managers understand that they must train all food handlers and control all factors that can lead to food safety hazards and violations.

Here are a few ways the FX Series can save operators time, money, and help ease their minds all while improving food safety and the process of ensuring safe food storage practices:

1. Temperature Control and Stability: Refrigerators are essential to food safety, but only when they are at the right temperature. Did you know that traditional refrigeration fluctuates as much as 15° during peak operating times leaving the food inside at risk because it has no way to contain the cold air with the product. The FX Series' innovative design allows for the cold air to be captured and maintained around the food keeping the terperature at +- 2° of the desired set point keeping food fresh and safe.

FX Series Refrigerated Drawers Reduce the Risk of Cross Contamination2. Reduce Risk of Cross Contamination: Reduce the transfer of harmful substances or microorganisms to food. One way cross contamination occurs is food to food, such as when one product drips on another during refrigerated storage. Traditional refrigeration promotes this whether it is an upright, under counter, worktop, or equipment stand due to the open cabinet design. The FX Series' insulated insert creates a micro environment to help mitigate the potential for cross contamination in food storage and create an airtight seal that limits bacterial growth spoilage (once air contacts food, the food begins to spoil).

3. Follow the First In, First Out (FIFO) Rule: The FIFO rule is important for both food safety and food quality. Whenever new shipments of food arrive, the newly arrived food should be placed behind older food so the older food is used first. In most cases traditional storage systems (outside of a walk-in) do not promote this rotating stock or make it a daunting task for staff. The FX Series allows you full access and visibility to all products within the drawer making stock rotation a breeze.

4. Cleanability: Food safety hazards can be introduced into foodservice operations in a number of ways such as food, equipment, supplies, and customers. The FX Series' insulated insert pulls out for easy cleaning and disinfecting.


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Randell - What Is FX?

Posted 3:30 PM by

FX SERIES PRECISION REFRIGERATION is simply unmatched by any other product in the commercial refrigeration industry. The FX Series offers the flexibility of point-of-use preparation, an adjustable temperature setting between -5°F to 40°F, and enhanced savings through less product waste and increased energy efficiency.

The FX line refrigerates, freezes, rapid chills, and safety thaws. The patented design of FX's insulated, refrigerated drawers seals in cold air, keeping temperatures consistent, and reducing stress on the unit's compressor. The removable refrigerated drawer system also allows easy cleaning and disinfecting of the units for enhanced food safety. Chefs and operators consistently praise the reliability, flexibility and efficiency that the FX Series delivers, and comment on the added value that FX units bring to their foodservice operations.

The complete FX refrigeration line is designed to work in tandem with a variety of industrial foodservice equipment in order to simplify and streamline today's commercial kitchen.

Click here to access more information about all that is FX!

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