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The Oaks Academy

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The Oaks Academy Earns Highest ISTEP Scores

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The Oaks Academy earns the highest ISTEP scores in IndianaC&T Design would like to congratulate The Oaks Academy on earning the highest ISTEP scores in the state! The Indy Star recently published an article detailing the scores and the school. Read about what makes The Oaks Academy so special!

C&T Design sponsors The Good Manners Luncheon for 2nd and 6th graders at The Oaks Academy each spring. The conversations are endlessly entertaining and insightful. It is a favorite day of the year for the C&T employees lucky enough to attend. If these kids are our future, we can all take a deep breath and relax.

We could not be more proud of and excited for the students and faculty at The Oaks Academy. Keep up the amazing work.

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The Oaks Academy's Good Manners Lunch

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C&T Design Co-Sponsors The Oaks Academy's Good Manners Lunch

The Oaks Academy, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides a quality, faith-based education that stretches far beyond the pages of a textbook. Students are taught the importance of respect starting at an early age. One facet of respect that we here at C&T are lucky enough to witness them learning about and putting into practice each year are good manners.

It became apparent rather quickly at last week’s Good Manners Lunch that they spend their time in an environment that fosters respect. Second and sixth graders alike listened intently to each other speak and responded with interested and thoughtful questions.This lunch occurs each year and provides students with the opportunity to use what they learn about manners in a more formal dining environment. Never has a room filled with so many second and sixth graders been so quiet as when Linda Adams, The Oaks Academy's Partner Program Director, needed their attention so the picture above could be taken. We were in awe.

C&T Design and Marian Inc. partner to sponsor the Good Manners Lunch because we wholeheartedly believe in The Oaks Academy and their mission.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day! We look forward to and truly appreciate the opportunity to sit down and talk with these great kids each year.

To read more about The Oaks Academy and the amazing things they have accomplished, please visit their website here: http://www.theoaksacademy.org.

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