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Perks for K-12 Schools Enrolled in Cool School Cafe® Program

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Participation in the Cool School Cafe® Program is Free!Attention all K-12 Foodservice Directors and Purchasing Decision-Makers!

Cool School Cafe® is an amazing and free program for K-12 schools. Cool School Cafe® rewards you for purchasing items you probably already buy! The enrollment process is simple. Start earning rewards today!

Schools enrolled in the Cool School Cafe® program earn points for purchasing certain products from vendors involved in the program, and then redeem those earned points for the reward(s) of their choice. 

Check out the complete list of participating vendors and list of rewards.

Did I mention that participating in this program is free? I did? Well, it is worth mentioning again! In this economy, who can afford to turn down free stuff? Nobody!

Check out their website for more information on the Cool School Cafe® program!

Cool School Cafe® Vendors

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