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Restaurant & Brewery Commercial Kitchen Design

Industry: Restaurant Equipment & Kitchen Design

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

For this project, C&T was required to provide restaurant equipment specification, procurement and installation when necessary. In addition, the company provided a restaurant kitchen design and project management services. The client had a local, multi-unit concept with different footprints that drove the overall design process. A small concept, located in Florida, was the first location to include an outdoor bar area. Another location, developed in Indiana, went into the first floor of an existing parking structure, which added a variety of challenges to both the ventilation and the refrigeration aspects of the project. Due to the nature of the location, many elements of the project needed to be retrofitted. This involved assisting the client in the process of determining what previously used kitchen equipment could be used in the new design and whether or not the existing refrigeration and ventilation were appropriately sized for the concept’s needs.