What size dishwasher do you need?

To help determine what size dishwashing machine you will need, you must first determine how many racks of dishes per hour you will generate. Here's an equation that may help:

(# of pieces per person) X (# of persons per hour)
 20 pieces per rack

High-Temp vs. Low-Temp Warewashing

When thinking about changing to low-temp warewashing from high-temp, remember that you will still need 140° water. Heating water in your hot water heater is less efficient than using a booster heater. Also remember that the chemical usage is directly proportional to the water the dishwasher uses, and most low-temp units use a great deal of water. High-temp is still the most efficient and productive means of warewashing.

Nationwide, health inspectors require that dish machine rinse temperatures be verified to reach between 170° - 212° F, the range sure to kill bacteria. You must use a mercury filled thermometer to hold the highest temperature reached.

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