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Assisted Living / Nursing Homes

Many people living in assisted living or nursing home facilities have weakened immune systems so reducing the risk of food-borne illness is of the utmost importance in this environment. Since meals are served in a condensed period of time, a large amount of food is typically prepared and must maintain the proper temperature until everyone is served.

Commercial Kitchen's & Foodservice Solutions for Assisted Living & Nursing HomesFood delivery systems that hold food temperatures constant are important so the people that are unable to make it to the dining room get their meal in a timely manner. C&T Design's sales consultants have worked in this type of environment for decades and have a deep understanding and appreciation for the industry's needs.

C&T Design has proven experience in the assisted living and nursing home industry and can customize a solution to meet your facility's specific needs. Whether its consulting, kitchen design, engineering, or making product recommendations, C&T is the industry leader you can depend on!