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University Food Service

Choosing a university is often the biggest decision a high school graduate will have to face. Universities have to compete to attract students. One way to draw them in is by offering an expansive variety of foodservice concepts is a great way to attract students from different regions of the country as well as the world.

University Commercial Kitchen Design & InstallationAction stations are an exciting way for the students to see their meal prepared before them and adds freshness and flair to the food selection process that can become mundane day after day. Serving lines are also exceptionally important in a university setting due to the large number of students. The serving lines need to be efficiently designed with the ability to flow quickly and hold a large quantity and variety of food. Having multiple outlets allows the students that need to get to class the freedom to quickly get through lines and those that do not to take their time.

College students have a great amount of flexibility and variance in their schedules so operators need to be able to hold food at proper temperatures for an extended period of time. Universities are unique environments that present a series of challenges that our consultants look forward to facing and discovering the optimal solution for these challenges.

C&T Design has proven experience in the foodservice industry and can customize a solution to meet your university's specific needs, including product supply, consulting, kitchen design and engineering.