Revit 3D Designs and Virtual Kitchen Tours

Although not all projects require it, C&T Design’s Drafting Department does all drawings in Revit. One cool thing about Revit is that, because it’s a 3D model and not 2D, it helps bring awareness during the design stage to potential conflicts that need to be resolved before they become a real problem down the line. The other cool thing about working in Revit is that it allows us to provide Virtual Reality tours of a facility to the client in the design phase. This gives them the opportunity to get a sense of the space and size as well as get a feel for the flow of the kitchen before making final decisions.

Value-Added Commercial Kitchen Design

Our primary objective to assist each customer in creating their ideal foodservice atmosphere taking into account key elements such as the footprint, seating capacity, future expansion, menu, labor and energy savings. Our process includes:

C&T has built our reputation by satisfying our customer's specific needs during every commercial kitchen design or restaurant design project.