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Twin Peaks Now Open for Business in Indianapolis

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Twin Peaks franchise brother team Ricky, John and Joe RosaA Twin Peaks franchise group made up of brothers Joe, John and Ricky Rosa joined C&T Design principals, Gawain Guy and Mike Kennedy, and sales consultant, Chris Monico, for dinner Sunday at Nicole-Taylor's in Indianapolis to celebrate the opening of their first location in Indiana.

Twin Peaks Indy I-69 held its grand opening the night after the dinner on Monday, December 8th. 

C&T Design consulted on the franchisees specific design needs and supplied the foodservice equipment for the kitchen and both bars.


Stop in for dinner and drinks and check out the scenic views soon!

Twin Peaks - Indy I-69
6880 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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C&T Design Website Gets a New Look

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After several years since the last update, C&T Design made an executive decision that it was time to modernize and update the look and functionality of our company website. Our responsive site now adapts to whatever size device you are interacting with our website on and is easier to use for that reason. 

In the way C&T is constantly looking to improve on the layout and functionality of the foodservice kitchens we design and the way the manufacturers whose equipment we sell are always looking for ways to improve on that foodservice equipment, we wanted to take steps to ensure that our online visitors have a pleasant experience at www.c-tdesign.com.

We truly hope that you enjoy C&T Design website's updated look and ease-of-use.

A huge THANK YOU to the web designers and developers at Marketpath! We love the new look.

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Flat12 Named One of the 2014 Companies to Watch

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Flat12 Bierwerks is one of 27 companies recently honored during the 2014 Companies to Watch award ceremony.

This award is presented by Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE), its Indiana Small Business Development Center, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), and endorsed by the Edward Lowe Foundation, 'Indiana Companies to Watch' recognizes privately held Indiana businesses that have experienced exceptional growth and are well positioned for future growth. 

Congratulations, Flat12 Bierwerks!!!


Click here for the complete 2014 Indiana Compnies to Watch Winners post.

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C&T Design Opens Office in the Pacific Northwest

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Keith Ireland manages new C&T Portland OfficePlease welcome Keith Ireland, the newest member of the C&T Design team! Keith is managing our brand new Portland office covering the Pacific Northwest. He comes to C&T with more than 21 years of foodservice design and equipment supply experience. Starting with Boxer Northwest in 1992 as a sales rep, Keith worked in every aspect of sales and project management. He is particularly knowledgable about foodservice equipment, application, remodels and new kitchens. As a commitment to excellence Keith earned his Certified Foodservice Professional certification almost a decade ago.
Keith has worked with customers from just about every industry imaginable. Notably, he has completed projects for Oregon Health Sciences University, Elmers, Nike, St. Vincent's Hospital, Loaves and Fishes, and many more.
Keith was introduced to the food industry at an especially young age as his mother was a chef in Hawaii. He worked his way up the ranks on the restaurant side of the industry starting in the back of the house as a dishwasher at 14. Keith worked extensively in the back of the house through high school and worked his way through college in the front of the house.
Keith's cumulative experience has armed him with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your commercial foodservice operation is efficient and works for your operational needs and budget.

Contact the C&T Portland office here.

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Chris Monico Named FE&S Magazine's July DSR of the Month

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Chris Monico in the C&T Indianapolis office was recently honored by Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine by being named the July Dealer Sales Representative of the Month. The article in this month's issue can be found below. Congratulations, Chris!!

DSR of the month

Chris Monico Named FE&S Magazine's July DSR of the Month

Chris Monico, Senior Project Manager C&T Design & Equipment Co., Indianapolis

By Lisa White, Contributing Editor

   Foodservice was always on Chris Monico’s radar, yet after receiving a degree in hospitality management with a foodservice emphasis from Purdue University, it took a couple of false starts before he found his career path.

   “After graduating, I worked with chain restaurants and quickly discovered that was not what I wanted to do,” Monico says. “Yet, I knew I could sell foodservice equipment, so I found a job selling equipment and smallwares at a dealership that gave me a chance on a whim.”
   Five years later, after developing a taste and passion for selling equipment and facility layout, the opportunity to work in a similar capacity at C&T Design & Equipment Co. presented itself. Six years later, his customer mix consists mainly of chains and independent restaurants.
   FE&S: You were drawn to the industry early on. Is working in foodservice everything you had hoped it would be?
   CM: I’m glad I’m not in restaurant operations, because it’s something I don’t think I can do. I dabbled in that and it’s difficult. For this reason, I always have respect for and understanding of operators. Also, my experience and background helps me do what I do today and be successful. I’ve walked in their shoes and understand how things come together. Being on this side of the business provides me with the opportunity to be active with my family since I’m not dealing with 80- to 90-hour work weeks. Still, this career is more difficult than I thought it would be, but I’ve learned a great deal and many people have helped me along the way.
   FE&S: Foodservice design is one of your strong points. What draws you to it?
   CM: Foodservice design is just like solving a big problem or math equation that has to come out right in the end. Some problems are bigger than others, and it’s never the same, so the variety keeps things interesting. It’s a challenge that I enjoy.
   FE&S: What’s your definition of good design?
   CM: Good design is giving the operator or owner what they want, knowing that it will work.
   FE&S: What mistakes should operators avoid making during the design phase?
   CM: Operators need to trust the designers. Many times, as a designer, I listen to clients and their input. Operators who micromanage a design may make changes that are not always for the best.
   FE&S: What is the key to specifying the right piece of equipment for a given project?
   CM: It depends on the type of operation, the business’s volume and the menu. Other factors include whether the client is a chain or independent and how much equipment is used on a daily basis. It’s important to understand how things work together in the operation.
   FE&S: You have a reputation for being very detail oriented. How do you keep everything straight on a given project?
   CM: It’s not easy, but it’s a matter of being fundamentally and organizationally sound. I need to be very good at being organized and keep work organized. Not everyone has the same way of doing this, but having a good system in place for storing, retrieving and regurgitating information is key. 
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For All Your Foodservice Blending Needs.. Hamilton Beach!

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Jim Betz, Hamilton Beach Division Manager (East), and Kristine Bozovich, local Hamilton Beach rep with RZ Marketing Group, stopped by the C&T Indy office earlier this week to show off some of Hamilton Beach's latest and greatest products as well as the oldies but goodies.

One of the latest and greatest products introduced (featured in the video clip below) is Hamilton Beach's quietest blender, the Eclipse! Famous for its patent wave action blades, removable sound cover for easy cleaning, and memory card slot for custom programming, this is the only blender in the commercial foodservice marketplace currently offering a lifetime warranty on the motor coupling and stainless steel blade.

I wish you could smell the coffee through your screen! 

Eclipse High-Performance Blender HBH750

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The Oaks Academy - One School, Two Locations

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The Oaks Academy opened a second location! This is great news. As they grow and continue expanding the reach of the superb education they provide to each of their students, this world becomes a better place. We here at C&T Design are excited about it! 


They recently provided us with some statistics about each of their locations.



Fall Creek: 401
Brookside: 162


Fall Creek: 35% African American; 49% White Americans; 16% Other American
Brookside: 48% African American; 41% White Americans; 11% Other American


Fall Creek: 46% Low; 33% Middle; 20% High
Brookside: 50% Low; 27% Middle; 23% High

ISTEP: 94% Pass Rate for grades 3 through 8 (not teaching to the test - curriculum remained intact!)

99% of Oaks' students graduate High School
95% of Oaks' students graduate College

Please visit their website for more information.

The Oaks Academy - Brookside Students
The Oaks Academy, Brookside School Pictured Above

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Chef Joe Arvin on the Blodgett HydroVection Oven

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Celebrity Chef Joe Arvin of the hit CBS reality series Big Brother stopped by the C&T Indy office last week to show off Blodgett's HydroVection oven. Tune in to what he had to say about it below!

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Randell FX Series Fish File Cabinets & Seafood Storage

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Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Fish are expensive and among the most perishable foods we eat. Fish do not like water once they are out of it but must be kept as cold as possible at 32 degrees in order to maintain freshness. Until now ice has really been the only way to reach and hold that temperature. Even a few degrees increase can take days off the shelf life. Imagine the ability to store seafood at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for the ice bin in the walk-in or a fish file cabinet which requires icing, re-icing and labor to maintain temperature.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet

Storage is the key factor in maintaining the taste and quality of your fresh fish. The FX Series refrigeration system from Randell is the most revolutionary and ideal way to store seafood. The patented design allows the unit to capture and maintain the cold air allowing for precise temperature control. This allows a temperature range of -5 to 40°F or if it's seafood right at 32 degrees. No other refrigeration can give you this kind of control and range in a single unit. And best of all, the unit can be used at point of use under the hood!


No matter which FX fish file cabinet design you choose, it is going to provide you with the ideal storage environment that keeps fish:

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet1) Precisely at 32 Degrees. The operator sets the temperature using the top mounted digital control that allows you to dial in the ideal fish storage temperature of 32 degrees. The precise temperature capability extends shelf life and allows you to consistently create great food.

2) Moist & Hydrated. No dehydration because the lid offers low velocity cooling that uses gravity to pull cold air down around the product versus using fans to circulate cold air around the cabinet and across the top of the product. Low velocity cooling is key to limiting dehydration and waste thereby increasing gross profit percentages.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - ABS Insulated Drawer
3) Keeps Fish Away from Water. 
FX refrigeration provides storage "WITHOUT ICE" because the heavy ABS insulated insert provides full access to the product, 100% utilization of the 3 cubic feet of storage and keeps cold with the product eliminating the need for ice and temperature reduction assistance. The cold air flows from the diffuser to all surfaces of the drawer resulting in precise temperature control.


FX Series Refrigeration

  • Convertible refrigeration system (refrigerator to freezer)
  • Temperature set from -5 to 40°F
  • Precise temperature control - holds 32 degrees precisely
  • Removable insulated drawer compartment
  • Ambient drawer track system can accomodate a -5°F operation
  • Horizontal gasket hidden from pan edges

Randell FX Series Refrigeration

Available Options & Accessories

  • Scrap bin
  • Built-in chilled display case
  • Chilled rail area
  • Open storage
  • Mechanically cooled work surface
  • Mechanically cooled elevated rail
  • Hand sink
  • Prep sink with cleaning trough
  • Tare scale shelf
  • Cleaning faucet and hose reel
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Why Choose FX Chef Bases

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Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Better temperature control and stability. The FX Series can operate at any temperature setting between -5 and 40°F, allowing you to store a wide variety of food products. No other refrigeration system allows you to break through the refrigeration barrier to hold 32 degrees or hold precise temperature within +/- 2 degrees no matter the circumstances.

Randell's FX Series RefrigerationFood safety. The magnet-to-magnet seal of the lid to the insert locks cold air in while preventing attacks from warm, humid, and ambient air. This cuts down on spoilage, waste, and reduces the risk of bacterial contaminant which in turn boosts profit.

Energy efficiency. The evaporator coil and fans turn off when the unit is open, saving energy and preventing cold air from being pushed out. A single drawer unit only requires 3.9 amps to run even in the harshest environment.

Reliability. The FX Series chef base front breathing design prevents recycling of the exhausted hot air through the condenser allowing it to run 25 degrees cooler than traditionally designed condensing housings. Even in the hottest kitchens.

Strength. Our tops are designed with a 14 gauge solid core top that will accommodate all types of cooking equipment including chargrills, griddle, fryers and even combination ovens. The top is made with a marine edge that will structurally support up to 225 pounds per linear foot. More than enough for the heaviest pieces of cooking equipment. 

Chef base measurements and size options on page 2 of this document.

Click here for more information on the FX Series.

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FX Promoting Safe Food Storage

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FX Series Refrigerated Drawer Promotes Food SafetyFood safety is a primary concern for every area of the commercial kitchen, including the refrigerated storage area. Restaurant owners and managers clearly understand that their role in safeguarding against food borne illness is crucial. Promoting food safety can be expensive for an organization, but it pales in comparison to the costs associated with damages from an outbreak or fees from a low grade inspection. Restaurateurs and managers understand that they must train all food handlers and control all factors that can lead to food safety hazards and violations.

Here are a few ways the FX Series can save operators time, money, and help ease their minds all while improving food safety and the process of ensuring safe food storage practices:

1. Temperature Control and Stability: Refrigerators are essential to food safety, but only when they are at the right temperature. Did you know that traditional refrigeration fluctuates as much as 15° during peak operating times leaving the food inside at risk because it has no way to contain the cold air with the product. The FX Series' innovative design allows for the cold air to be captured and maintained around the food keeping the terperature at +- 2° of the desired set point keeping food fresh and safe.

FX Series Refrigerated Drawers Reduce the Risk of Cross Contamination2. Reduce Risk of Cross Contamination: Reduce the transfer of harmful substances or microorganisms to food. One way cross contamination occurs is food to food, such as when one product drips on another during refrigerated storage. Traditional refrigeration promotes this whether it is an upright, under counter, worktop, or equipment stand due to the open cabinet design. The FX Series' insulated insert creates a micro environment to help mitigate the potential for cross contamination in food storage and create an airtight seal that limits bacterial growth spoilage (once air contacts food, the food begins to spoil).

3. Follow the First In, First Out (FIFO) Rule: The FIFO rule is important for both food safety and food quality. Whenever new shipments of food arrive, the newly arrived food should be placed behind older food so the older food is used first. In most cases traditional storage systems (outside of a walk-in) do not promote this rotating stock or make it a daunting task for staff. The FX Series allows you full access and visibility to all products within the drawer making stock rotation a breeze.

4. Cleanability: Food safety hazards can be introduced into foodservice operations in a number of ways such as food, equipment, supplies, and customers. The FX Series' insulated insert pulls out for easy cleaning and disinfecting.


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Randell - What Is FX?

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FX SERIES PRECISION REFRIGERATION is simply unmatched by any other product in the commercial refrigeration industry. The FX Series offers the flexibility of point-of-use preparation, an adjustable temperature setting between -5°F to 40°F, and enhanced savings through less product waste and increased energy efficiency.

The FX line refrigerates, freezes, rapid chills, and safety thaws. The patented design of FX's insulated, refrigerated drawers seals in cold air, keeping temperatures consistent, and reducing stress on the unit's compressor. The removable refrigerated drawer system also allows easy cleaning and disinfecting of the units for enhanced food safety. Chefs and operators consistently praise the reliability, flexibility and efficiency that the FX Series delivers, and comment on the added value that FX units bring to their foodservice operations.

The complete FX refrigeration line is designed to work in tandem with a variety of industrial foodservice equipment in order to simplify and streamline today's commercial kitchen.

Click here to access more information about all that is FX!

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The Essential Ice Machine - Scotsman's New Line

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Posted by  on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 · Leave a Comment

By Lee Davis

In the years I worked in the restaurant business, it seemed there was never an ice machine close to where I needed it. The ice machine was always in the basement, the back of the kitchen or out by the loading docks somewhere. So whenever I needed ice, I had to leave my station, and with ice buckets in hand, make the long trek through dining rooms, across slippery kitchen floors or down steep stairs, to wherever the ice machine was hiding. Then of course, after filling the buckets, I had to lug the heavy load back through the same terrain to my workstation.

It always seemed like ice machine placement was an afterthought in restaurant design. It also seemed as though restaurant operators really preferred one large machine in a single location than several smaller machines strategically located where the ice was needed. In so many situations, it would have been safer and more efficient to have had a small basic ice machine behind the bar or in the waiter station where I needed the ice. Apparently, I’m not the only one that felt that way.

Just two weeks ago, Scotsman Ice Systems introduced its new Essential line of ice machines. “Our customers asked for a basic, under-100-lb cuber … and we are happy to deliver that need,” said Jeff Biel, Director of Marketing at Scotsman Ice. It’s a great solution for low ice production operations or remote areas within an operation. The Essential Ice Machines are 15″ or 20″ wide, 38″ tall and 24″ deep with 6″ adjustable legs and the ability to fit under 34″ countertops with an optional floor mount kit. The line consists of three different units with daily production rates of up to 58, 80 and 100 pounds.

Essential Ice BannerThe Essential line is easy to use with its built-in sliding back door to conserve space and allow easy access to the ice bin. The line has an ample access area complete with a large dishwasher-safe scoop to make it easy to reach the ice. Additionally, the Essential line has an intuitive control panel that features a prominent on/off/clean switch and easy-to-see buttons to adjust ice thickness and harvest time.

The line is built with an innovative horizontal evaporator that eliminates minerals in ice cubes and ensures quality ice, every time. Essential also comes with a 3-year warranty that assures operators are getting the best ice machine for their operation. VisitScotsman-Ice.com for more information.

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Creative Dining Flyer - Save Today!

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C&T Design's Creative Dining Flyer - 12/1 - 12/31C&T Design's latest flyer, the Creative Dining Flyer, contains a variety of beautiful smallware options, a q & a section on microwaves and fun and creative serving options for your foodservice establishment. 

All of the featured items are on special throughout December. The deals don't stop there! Call a C&T Design Sales Representative today to see what equipment options also have a great price this month.

Click here to see the full flyer.

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Providence Cristo Rey High School's New Kitchen

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Providence Cristo Rey High SchoolProvidence Cristo Rey High School is a private, Catholic, college preparatory school that is affordable to low-income families in Indianapolis. The students learn important life skills in the typical classroom environment as well as working one day a week in an office atmosphere of one of Providence's corporate partners. Fifth Third Bank, Ice Miller LLP, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and Eli Lilly and Company are just a few of the amazing companies involved in offering this unique and invaluable learning experience.

Providence Cristo Rey's Kitchen Before the RemodelProvidence currently has roughly 200 students but has the space for approximately 400. The kitchen was hindering its ability to be able to accept more students and maximize the space of the entire school building. In the process of remodeling a few different spaces in Providence, the contractor Shiel Sexton, one of Providence's corporate partners, called on C&T Design to help figure out how to rework their kitchen space while being extremely budget concious and getting them to a place to be able to grow to their full capacity and feed all of the students everday.

C&T Design worked with several of our manufacturer partners to get Providence the best price possible. One particular manufacturer who helped us tremendously cut costs on this project was Randell of Unified Brands and their Indianapolis rep Phil Powell of Allied Technologies who provided the serving line on the project. Thank you to C&T Design's project manager Brian Hutson for successfully executing this project that was in development for five years. C&T Design donated all design and project management fees on the job. These contributions helped cut costs on the project by roughly 30%.      

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Briad Charity Golf Outing Raises Over $350,000

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The Briad Charity Golf OutingThe Briad Group, a development firm based in New Jersey, has been working with the C&T Design office in Houston on the kitchen design, layout and project management of several Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar projects across the US.

Briad owns and operates many restaurants for each of the several chain concepts they are involved in. They have been a franchisee of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers since 1994. They currently have 49 locations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania with plans to open more.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's, was adopted as a baby and became a well-known advocate for adoption founding the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The Briad Group held its 15th Annual Charity Golf Outing benefitting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption on September 12, 2013 at Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, NJ. The Briad Charity Fund successfully raised more than $350,000! C&T Design is proud to be able to say that we, along with our industry partners who also work with us on the Zinburger concept, were the largest contributor at this year's event.

The Briad Charity Golf OutingThank you to Briad for putting together this event to raise money for such a worthy cause. More information may be found here on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and what it is they do.

A special thank you to our industry partners who helped make C&T Design the largest contributor: CaptiveAire, Chill-Rite, ThermalRite, Delfield, E-Source, Inc., Krowne, AccuTemp, Continental Refrigerator, Hobart, John Boos, Globe, Hoshizaki, Mister Ice of Indianapolis, New Age, Olympic, Robot Coupe and Vulcan.


C&T Design Industry Partner CaptiveAire  C&T Design Industry Partner Chill-Rite   C&T Design Industry Partner ThermalRite   C&T Design Industry Partner Delfield    C&T Design Industry Partner E-Source

   C&T Design Industry Partner Krowne    C&T Design Industry Partner AccuTemp     C&T Design Industry Partner Continental Refrigerator    C&T Design Industry Partner Hobart    C&T Design Industry Partner John Boos

C&T Design Industry Partner Globe C&T Design Industry Partner Hoshizaki  C&T Design Industry Partner Mister Ice of Indianapolis  C&T Design Industry Partner New Age C&T Design Industry Partner Olympic Storage Solutions

                                         C&T Design Industry Partner Robot Coupe                 C&T Design Industry Partner Vulcan


                                                       The Briad Group's Charity Event Raised Over $350,000 for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

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The Master-Bilt Super Controller

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At first glance, the plastic computer chip pictured below looks the same as any old chip. But what it does, never gets old. What it does is help operators save money. 

The Master-Bilt Super Controller

Master-BiltThe computer chip is Master-Bilt’s new Super Controller. It is an option now available on Master-Bilt endless glass door merchandisers with remote refrigeration systems, as well as walk-in coolers and freezers. The Super Controller can also be retrofit onto units that are already in the field.

The Super Controller controls the electric expansion valve that regulates refrigerant flow to the evaporator core of the refrigeration system. By monitoring the flow of refrigerant, the Super Controller can float the head pressure of the condensing unit. This allows the condensing unit to use cold air and reduce the compressor’s energy use. Additionally, the Super Controller ensures an efficient, precisely regulated refrigerant flow. This also leads to more energy savings.


The Super Controller is sort of the little brother to Master-Bilt’s Master Controller, both in capability and cost, however it is more versatile in that it can work with most remote refrigeration systems. The Super Controller is perfect for a wide variety of applications, but could serve best in convenience stores, drug stores and other retail operations.

For more on the Master-Bilt Super Controller visit Master-Bilt.com.


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How To Renew The Surface Of Your Boos Block® Cutting Board

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John Boos Butcher BlocksJohn Boos sets the industry standard for butcher blocks and cutting boards. With a product that takes a beating like a cutting board, it’s important to maintain it to extend its life. The above video outlines how to use Boos’ Board Cream or Mystery Oil to do just that.

Following this process outlined by Boos can help restore the surface of any board or block to new. It’ll help smooth out all the inevitable nicks and cuts caused by regular use. For more on John Boos blocks, boards and maintenance products, click here.


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Pass & Provisions Up for Best New Restaurant

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Pass & Provisions Up for Best New Restaurant
Pass & Provisions, a dual concept restaurant in Houston, Texas, was recently named one of Bon Appetit's 50 nominees for best new restaurant in America. Charles Munro, Sales and Design Manager in the C&T Houston office, took the lead on this project designing the kitchen layout and managing the installation process. Congratulations, Pass & Provisions!

Click here to read the article in more detail in the Houston Chronicle.


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Efficient HACCP Management with Cooper-Atkins

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Every operation’s first priority should be to produce safe food, and having a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan is a great guide for continuously monitoring product to ensure its safety.

To help make the process of implementing and maintaining a HACCP plan easier and more efficient,Cooper-Atkins recently released its HACCP ManagerTM. The HACCP Manager records, stores and analyzes product temperature data and checklists to ensure HACCP compliance. With this HACCP Manager, end users can build a custom HACCP plan to fit their operation. The advantages to implementing a HACCP plan with the HACCP Manager include simplifying the HACCP process, saving on the costs of paper and ink, reducing training time and ensuring regulatory compliance.

For more on the Cooper-Atkins HACCP Manager, click here.

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C&T Parkview Project Named FE&S Facility Design Project of the Month

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A Rep shows Parkview's Kitchen Manager and a few team members how to properly use a piece of equipment.C&T Design completed the installation of the Parkview Regional Medical Center project in Fort Wayne, Indiana in February of 2012 for its March soft opening. C&T Project Manager Randy Truitt worked on this project for this a year and half providing the equipment and overseeing the installation for the servery, main kitchen and a small coffee shop called the Heart Cafe. C&T's scope of work consisted of providing the foodservice equipment and the installation, but was asked to redesign the Room Service section of the main kitchen to provide a more efficient flow for the staff preparing trays.

This project is being featured in this month's Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine as the Factility Design Project of the Month. Nice job, Randy! Beautiful project.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.  


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Larry Simonel Named FE&S Magazine's June DSR of the Month

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Larry Simonel Named FE&S Magazine's DSR of the Month for JuneFoodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine's Dealer Sales Representative (DSR) of the month was named earlier this week.

Congratulations to Larry Simonel! He was named the DSR of the Month for June.

C&T Design has been graced with Larry's presence for nearly 41 years. C&T Design is only celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year. We are so lucky to have you, Larry! Thank you for choosing to spend the last 40+ years with us (and Sandy).

Click here to read the article.


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Perks for K-12 Schools Enrolled in Cool School Cafe® Program

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Participation in the Cool School Cafe® Program is Free!Attention all K-12 Foodservice Directors and Purchasing Decision-Makers!

Cool School Cafe® is an amazing and free program for K-12 schools. Cool School Cafe® rewards you for purchasing items you probably already buy! The enrollment process is simple. Start earning rewards today!

Schools enrolled in the Cool School Cafe® program earn points for purchasing certain products from vendors involved in the program, and then redeem those earned points for the reward(s) of their choice. 

Check out the complete list of participating vendors and list of rewards.

Did I mention that participating in this program is free? I did? Well, it is worth mentioning again! In this economy, who can afford to turn down free stuff? Nobody!

Check out their website for more information on the Cool School Cafe® program!

Cool School Cafe® Vendors

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Indianapolis Monthly Names The 25 Best Restaurants

Posted 8:22 PM by

Indianapolis Monthly Announces The 25 Best RestaurantsCongratulations to all named one of Indy's 25 Best Restaurants by Indianapolis Monthly. C&T Design is proud to be able to say that several of those bestowed with this honor in 2013 are clients we call our very own.


I, for one, know where I will be eating dinner over the next month.. If I can get a table at these amazing places! All of the restaurants named truly are gems for their own reasons.



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Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops)

Posted 3:22 PM by


Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops) will be in Afghanistan in June of this yearChef Charles Carroll, the Executive Chef at River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Texas, is the Founder and Coordinator of Operation: HOT (Honoring Our Troops). Operation: HOT’s goal of bringing a “little taste of home” and entertainment to the fine troops stationed in Southern Afghanistan is just one way of showing their sincere gratitude for all of the sacrifices they make for each one of    
                                                                            us. Operation: HOT will take place in June of this
                                                                            year. This is the second time Chef Carroll will be
                                                                            entertaining our troops. The first Operation: HOT
                                                                            took place in June of 2011.

Chef Charles Carroll and Gawain Guy (C&T Principal) discuss Operation: HOT in Houston, TXChef Carroll will be taking an amazing team of people to Afghanistan to entertain our troops in Afghanistan. The day will start with a Cajun Creole home cooked meal by Chef John Folse and Company. Then more than 2 tons of gifts will be given away to our troops, from NFL gear to Visine to baby wipes. After the wonderful meal and gifts, Coach Lou Holtz, legendary Notre Dame coach turned ESPN analyst, will open the show with an inspirational speech. ABC’s Secret Millionaire Steve Kaplan will continue to inspire with the secrets to success. Internationally acclaimed hypnotist Boris Cherniak will follow with a humorous and strong performance of mind control. Carmen Barton, said to be one of the hottest new female comedians, will take the stage next. Chef Robert Irvine will then put on a phenomenal live cooking show. Finally, L.A.vation, a U2 tribute band, will finish out the evening by putting on a rocking show.

C&T Design coordinated the donation of four CookTek induction cookers for the cooking portion of the event.

Thank you to CookTek and CookTek President Warren Graber for donating the induction cookers.

Thank you to Chef Carroll and the entire team going to Afghanistan to entertain our amazing troops.

                        Chef Carroll received the American flag from the General during his first Operation: HOT in Afghanistan in 2011

For more information on this amazing event, please visit Chef Carroll’s website here: http://www.chefcharlescarroll.com/index.php/operationhot.

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C&T Design Houston Project Published in FE&S Magazine

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C&T Design's Houston Branch's Carrabba's Project is on the Cover of this Month's FE&S MagazineGracing the cover of this month's Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine is a C&T Design's! Tom Cook, the manager of the C&T Design branch in Houston, Texas, provided design services for the kitchen on this project and did a fantastic job. Read the full story here (beginning on page 41).

Congratulations to Johnny and the Carrabba's team on yet another beautiful restaurant!

Congratulations, Tom, on this well-deserved not. What an honor.


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Sous Vide Cooking Moving into Fast Casual Dining

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It’s not uncommon for trends within the foodservice industry to start at the figurative “top” and work their way “down”.

Such is the case for sous vide cooking, which had its ground-breaking moments in fine dining establishments, and is now taking off in fast casual operations.

Sous Vide is French for “under vacuum” and it is the process by which some combination of protein, fruits, vegetables and spices is vacuum-packed in food-grade plastic. The packet is then submerged in a warm water bath for an extended period of time until its contents are cooked to the desired internal temperature.

This method of cooking fits perfectly in fast casual operations primarily because of its reliability. The sous vide method makes it easy to cook a high-quality dish repeatedly. This characteristic is especially important in operations that may experience high turnover, have a majority of part-time staff and/or minimal training resources.

For operations that have locations nationwide, sous vide is a great method because it provides a way for the operation to ensure the quality of its food across the board. One example of this comes from Chipotle, which sous vide cooks all of the meat for its barbacoa and carnitas in one central location and then ships the meat to its stores to be finished on the flattop grill before service. This process allows Chipotle to ensure that its meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature, without compromising a precise, pure and consistent flavor. Because the product is vacuum-packed before it’s cooked, it is also easy to ship.

In a market segment where signature flavor is also a huge point of differentiation, sous vide becomes a great tool. The reason is that the process eliminates several variables that can alter flavor. Once the food is vacuum-packed the only things that can influence the flavor are the ingredients in the packet. This measure of control practically guarantees that the flavor will be consistently pure, making it great for a company like Panera to use on its new menu items including steak, turkey and salmon for sandwiches.

Recognizing that a key component to a successful sous vide process is using the proper equipment, manufacturers like Vollrath and Randell have introduced products specifically designed for sous vide cooking.

Sous vide cooking is a burgeoning trend in fast casual dining. It’s a reliable, easy-to-teach cooking method that produces consistently high-quality product. Now that sounds like a recipe for success in any operation.

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Featured Project - Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant

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Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant Reopened in October of 2012Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant is a local mainstay near the South Broad Ripple (SoBro) and Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods of Indianapolis. In August of 2011, an electrical fire started in the early hours of the morning in the restaurant. Aside from several pieces of stained glass, the resulting smoke damage deemed the entire front and back of the house a complete loss. The owner, Rick Rising-Moore, turned this devastating event into an opportunty to rethink the design and layout of the kitchen to accomodate the expansion of the surrounding neighborhoods. The restaurant was rebuilt and reopened in October of 2012.

Click here to read the rest of the story...

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Petite Chou reopening after May flood

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Petite Chou in Broad Ripple Set to ReopenSeveral businesses were damaged last May when White River flooded parts of Broad Ripple. Petite Chou, located on the canal, was forced to close due to the damage it sustained. After six months of hard work, Petite Chou is getting ready to reopen in a few short weeks.



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Energy Consumption and Waste in Food Service

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The following is an excerpt from an article written by Georgie Shockey, Principal of Ruck-Shockey Associates, Inc. Her firm specializes in operational consulting for non-commercial foodservice markets.

Energy Consumption and Waste in Food Service: The Impact & Solutions

The food service industry contributes significantly to our nation's economy and way of life. In the last ten years, this industrial sector has experienced continued real sales growth outpacing that of our nation's own economy. In 2011, the total food sales were over $1.7 trillion. Due to the vast number of food service operations (the NRA estimates over 970,000 restaurants along with nontraditional and other food locations there are about 1.2 million locations) and the nature of preparing and serving food, this industry uses tremendous volumes of natural resources and produces significant quantities of waste which together can result in major environmental impacts. The reasons for change within this industry for change within this industry in order to minimize waste are simple: food service managers can save money with decreased disposal fees, reduce energy consumption, gain efficiencies and stay competitive within their industry.

Changing or improving operations can have lasting effects on those food service establishments that are proactive in reducing waste and increasing efficiency. To remain competitive, businesses should consider going beyond traditional means of management and explore the opportunities to save money and help the environment with waste prevention. Many of the opportunities detailed may already be in place; however, every operation still has room for improvement.

Click to read the full article.

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Rebates Offered For Purchase of Energy Star Rated Foodservice Equipment

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C&T Design - Rebates Available on Energy Star Rated Foodservice EquipmentFoodservice equipment can be expensive, and, with the constant rise in the cost of gas and electricity, so can the energy bills to run your business.

What if we told you we can save you money on both the front and back end of the purchase of new equipment? Well, we can! Rebates are available today on dozens of Energy Star rated products ranging from refrigerators and freezers to ice machines and dishwashers. You will see the savings down the road in the form of lower energy costs for running your operation.

Give us a call today and ask to speak to a foodservice consultant to find out more information about what kinds of equipment qualify.

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OpenTable Announces Top 100 Restaurants in Nation

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OpenTable.com announce top 100 restaurants in the countryOpenTable, Inc., a leading site for online restaurant reservations, recently announced the Diners' Choice Awards for the top 100 restaurants in America specializing in American food. More than 10 million reviews were submitted between November 2010 and October 2011 that were used to determine the winners. Out of the 12,000 restaurants across the country up for the awards, Indiana's own Eddie Merlot's in Fort Wayne and Kelties Restaurant and Catering in Westfield made the list.

Congratulations to Eddie Merlot's and Kelties, whose amazing food and superior service helped them earn this title! We are so proud to have partnered with you both!

To read the entire article on Inside INdiana Business, click here.


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2011 Woman of Influence - Martha Hoover

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Congratulations to C&T customer Martha Hoover! President of Patachou, Inc., Martha was named one of the Indianapolis Business Journal's 2011 Woman of Influence.

Click here to read the IBJ article about the amazing business she has built with a lot of hard work and determination over the years. What started as one restaurant has blossomed into a booming group of restaurants that includes the concepts Café Patachou, Petite Chou and Napolese. A fourth concept is currently in the works, Public Greens.

Congratulations, Martha!Patachou, Inc. President, Martha Hoover, name one of IBJ's 2011 Woman of Influence

We at C&T Design feel honored to be working with you.

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ISNA Gas Card Winner

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C&T Design Gas Card Winner - 2011 ISNA ConferenceCongratulations to Celeste Dooms! She is the winner of the $50 gas card C&T Design raffled off after the ISNA Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Celeste is the Food Service Director at John Glenn School Corporation in Walkerton, Indiana.

Congratulations, Celeste!


Thank you to all that stopped by our booth and entered the contest.

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Annual ISNA Conference

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Indiana School Nutrition AssociationThe 2011 Indiana School Nutrition Association's Annual Conference kicks off today in Fort Wayne!

The Exhibit Hall is open tomorrow, Friday, October 28th, from 2:30 to 7:00 pm.

Come see C&T Design at Booth #101 for a chance to win a $50 gas card!          We will be a hop, skip and a jump to the right of the main entrance.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Tax Incentive - Foodservice Equipment Buyers Take Note! Take Advantage While This Offer Lasts!

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While perusing some months-old issues of Foodservice Equipment Reports magazine, I noticed a small article that I wanted to bring to your attention immediately! If you are looking to buy foodservice equipment in the near future, you might want to look into purchasing sooner rather than later. The article below outlines an amazing opportunity that allows foodservice operations to write off equipment costs immediately, instead of spreading it out over several years, you must purchase before the end of the year to receive the maximum benefits this bill allows! I included a copy of the article found in the magazine's online archives followed by a link to the particulars of the Act on http://www.irs.gov below:

Tax Incentive Makes Sense For Equipment Buyers


April may be tax month, but there are still eight months left this year to secure some important tax perks for purchasing or selling equipment. The Small Business Jobs and Credit Act of 2010, signed by President Obama last September, provides tax relief for foodservice operations and small businesses and assistance in gaining access to capital.

The legislation allows foodservice operations to write off up to $500,000 of equipment costs immediately, rather than recovering the entire cost over a multi-year depreciation schedule. The purchase must be completed during the ’11 tax year.

The bill also extends expensing limits to restaurant structural improvements, new construction and leasehold and retail improvements. As part of the proposed $500,000 limit, operators can expense $250,000 of those costs the year they incur them, through ’11. Previously, operators could recover these costs only through a 39½-year depreciation schedule.

The legislation also includes incentives that make it easier to obtain Small Business Administration-backed loans.

This article can be found at: http://www.fermag.com/about-us/current-issue/single-issue-article/tax-incentive-makes-sense-for-equipment-buyers/461c372276.html

For more detailed information on this tax incentive, please refer to the Internal Revenue Service's website: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=230307,00.html#2022.

For help in navigating this in-depth process, call C&T Design today!

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Diagnosing Non-Warranted Refrigeration Problems

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Is your refrigerator or freezer not holding proper temperature?

Before making a service call that could turn out to be unnecessary and expensive, please be sure the following guidelines have been met:

1. Make sure the condenser is clean and not blocked by dust or dirt which WILL prevent a freezer or refrigerator from holding proper temperature. For example: If a refrigerator's holding temperature is a few degrees or more higher than a manufacturer's spec, there is a good chance that the condenser needs to be cleaned. Dirty condensers block the outside air needed to remove heat from the cabinet. Dirty condensers can also cause component failures. Be sure to clean every 4 to 6 weeks with a brush or vacuum!

2. Make sure the interior temperature control is NOT set to high which could cause the evaporator to freeze thus preventing the cabinet from pulling down to proper temperature. If the evaporator is frozen, unplug the unit overnight to thaw. Plug back in the unit in the morning.

3. Make sure the cabinet is level. Unleveled cabinets caused by uneven floors can prevent the doors from leveling and sealing properly thus allowing outside warm air inside the cabinet. Please call C&T if castor shims are necessary to level the cabinet.

4. Make sure product temperature is being checked which is normally 33° to 38°F inside a refrigerator, 41°F at the top of a prep table and minus 0° to -10°F in a freezer depending on the product load.

If these suggestions do not correct your temp issues, please call your nearest C&T Design location today.



These suggestions are courtesy of True Refrigeration.

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Buffalo Wild Wings 2010 Franchisee Founder's Award

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Buffalo Wild Wings®, Inc. Congratulations to Brad Haber,  Buffalo Wild Wings®, Inc.'s franchisee from Dayton, OH, for receiving the 2010 Franchise Founder's Award. Brad's franchise groups, Carolina Witt, Inc. and ThreeWitt Enterprises, Inc., are responsible for running 12 restaurants in Ohio, South Carolina and Indiana. C&T is currently working with the group on their next store in Florence, SC.

Congratulations, Brad! 

C&T Design - Cincinnati ~ 4025 Port Union Road ~ Fairfield, OH 45014 ~ 888-282-8282

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Congratulations, Brian, on being named FE&S Magazine's April DSR of the Month

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Brian Van Skyock - FE&S Magazine's April DSR of the MonthWe are so proud to announce that C&T Design's very own Brian Van Skyock was recently named Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine's DSR (Dealer Sales Representative) of the month! This is a huge honor! I personally get to see Brian day in and day out work extremely hard for every single one of his customers. It is so nice to see him recognized for all of his efforts and hardwork.

Congratulations, Brian!

Click here to read the full article on Foodservice Equipment & Supplies website.

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C&T Design Launches New Website

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C&T Design and Equipment Company Launches New WebsiteC&T Design and Equipment is proud to announce the launch of its new website today.  The new site, designed and developed by Indianapolis based Marketpath, Inc., will provide C&T's customers and partners with enhanced industry knowledge, detailed product information, and expertise into commercial kitchen and food service solutions. 

The new site includes a resources and education area, a section on "Green" products and design, and a new C&T blog to improve communications with customers and partners.

Visit the new C&T Design and Equipment site at http://www.c-tdesign.com.

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C&T Attends The NAFEM Show in Orlando

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The 2011 NAFEM Show is all set to start tomorrow morning in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. Attending NAFEM allows our team to have early access to key foodservice manufacturers' exhibitions of what's new and exciting happening in the foodservice industry. We look forward to applying this knowledge to your projects and bringing the benefits home. The show spans for three days and all C&T offices are attending and are excited to see the latest trends and innovations the industry has to offer. Is there anything in particular you are curious about? Let us know!!

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C&T Design and Equipment Promotes "Green" Design

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C&T Design and Equipment Company promotes Green Building and DesignVisit C&T Design and Equipment's new Green Kitchen Design area on the C&T's new website for "Green design" ideas, "Green products", and information on how to save both money and the environment.  With C&T Design, our Green Strategy isn't just about being socially responsible - that is only part of it.  Our strategy is also geared towards saving money with energy efficient and eco-friendly products and design principals.

Learn more...

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C&T Wins 2010 Dealer of the Year Award

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C&T Design and Equipment wins 2010 Dealer of the Year Award
Last month, C&T Design and Equipment Co. was honored to receive Foodservice Equipment and Supplies (FE&S) Dealer of the Year at the Industry Awards Gala, honoring the foodservice community's brightest stars.

Each year during the NRA Show, this event brings together the best of the best to celebrate the ongoing success of the foodservice industry.

Read story on C&T's award...

View FE&S Magazine article on C&T...

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