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Commerial Sinks & Commercial Garbage Disposals Guide

Commercial Sinks

NSF vs. Non-NSF


NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization that presents design criteria for food service equipment that is guided by sanitation and health requirements. NSF approved sinks are required to have a coved corner design. NSF approved sinks with a backsplash are required to have drainboards integrally welded to the sink bowl.

Things to Consider When Buying Sinks


Will the sinks need to be NSF approved? Significant NSF requirements for sinks:

  • Drainboards, when provided, must have a splash guard and must be welded to the sink.
  • Sinks are considered a food zone. Therefore, only 300 series, 200 series and type 430 stainless steel are the approved materials. (Type 400 & 409 stainless steel are not acceptable).


Consider the gauge of metal for your sink


If you expect heavy usage or institutional use, consider purchasing 14 gauge stainless. If your usage is more "typical", 16 gauge will suit your needs. If budget is a consideration (and your honest evaluation is a non-institutional load), 18 gauge might suit you but check on sink depth, weights and potential bracing.


Garbage and Food Waste Disposers



The food waste that is processed by a disposer is 100% biodegradable. Using a disposer helps ease the strain on our country's landfills.

The following chart shows garbage disposer sizes by horsepower and meals served.

Persons Per MealAt Dish TableVeg. Prep.Salad Prep.Pot Sink
Up to 1003/41/21/31/3
100 - 15013/41/21/2
150 - 17513/41/2
175 - 2003/43/4
200 - 30023/43/4
300 - 75033/43/4
750 - 150053
1500 - 250053