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Green (Energy Efficient) Cooking

Green Solutions Blog

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A kitchen's cooking equipment and menu are vital to your success as an operation. C&T consultants have the expertise and experience to balance your cooking needs, with optimal "green" cooking solutions.

A major way "going green" will be beneficial to the cooking side of your operation is:

  • Energy Savings

We are able to factor in your lifecycle costs and provide you with a detailed payback analysis of the desired equipment.

As an owner or manager of a foodservice operation, there are a number of strategies you can adopt in your commercial kitchen to positively impact your bottom line.  C&T looks at "green" solutions as part of a smart business strategy, with goals of reducing energy usage and utility expenses, sustainability and enhancing our customer's productivity.

Contact a C&T Design Consultant to discuss what "green" can mean for your business or review our green resources and product information below.

Green Cooking Resources & Products

Food Service Technology Center  (FSTC)

FSTC Life-Cycle & Energy Cost Calculators:

Combination Ovens

Convection Ovens Conveyor Ovens



Rack Ovens


Underfired Char-Broilers

Amana Energy Efficient By Design

Amana Energy Efficient By Design (PDF)

Blodgett Eco-Friendly HV Series Hydrovection Ovens

Blodgett Eco-Friendly HV Series Hydrovection Ovens (PDF)

Frymaster Cost Savings Calculations

Frymaster Cost Savings Calculations (PDF)