Cummins Chef Vlad ElomaCummins' Global Distribution Headquarters and Executive Chef Vlad Victor Bora were recently featured in an article in Aliworld Magazine from the Ali Group. Chef Bora walks into his kitchen each day and bases the menu off of the seasonality and availability of food. Whereas most develop a menu and then source the food, Chef Bora looks at the local, fresh options, and then creates his delicious menu. Because of this desired menu flexibility driven by the best ingredients available, Chef Bora loves the versatility flexibility the Eloma GENIUS combi offers him. "After nearly two years of high-volume work, a burnt-out light bulb represents the only problem he's encountered with the GENIUS, Chef Bora says." 

The building was a new construction project in the downtown Indianapolis area that opened in early 2017. C&T Design's Jon Ryder bid on and won the project to procure and install all foodservice equipment on this project. An interesting fact about this project is that the kitchen was on the second floor. Maneuvering the equipment upstairs added a small challenge but the installation was smooth.