Lotus House LogoThe Sundari Foundation was formed in 2004 by a group of passionate volunteers led by Constance Collins committed to providing "sanctuary, support, education and social inclusion for homeless women and children." The first building the foundation identified for acquisition was named the Lotus House. It was located “in the heart of Overtown, the historic African American district, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Miami, itself one of the poorest large cities in the United States." The name was chosen because the pink lotus flower is the universal symbol of compassion. This organization’s accomplishments are many and continue to make a world of difference in the city of Miami.

Lotus House is currently and rapidly growing into the Lotus Village. Jorge Guttierez of J. Wylmer Design and Adam Shepard of C&T Design Miami collaborated with their leadership team on the foodservice design and specifications at no cost.

More information on the organization (aside from the history provided in quotes) and the wonderful ways they are combatting homelessness may be found on their website at www.lotushouse.org