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"Jack Grabeel has been a critical team member in developing the Johnny's Italian Steakhouse concept from the beginning more than 12 years ago. Jack's unique experience as a chef, restaurant operator, restaurant builder, chain operations manager, kitchen designer, and equipment sales manager has allowed Johnny's to open new stores with customer designed kitchens expertly designed for the space and menu. The skill that has helped Heart of America Group the most is Jack's ability to adapt the Johnny's kitchen and bars to unique and different floor layouts in our hotels. A few of these designs have seemed very challenging but have worked superbly. Jack's skill with his state of the art CAD kitchen design software program allows quick and simple changes to the design. This software, along with Jack's experience, gives Heart of America Group not only a kitchen design layout but complete ventilation, electric, gas, water and sewer design sheets that make subcontracting for these trades very easy. Jack's long-term contacts with custom stainless steel fabrication companies allows us to purchase the required custom equipment at very little upcharge over standard catalog listings. Jack's knowledge of the inner workings of the equipment business along with C&T Design's purchasing power allows us to equip our kitchens with top quality equipment within our tight budgets. Jack's willingness to field calls from plumbers, electricians and equipment installers has taken a major load off our project managers when technical questions arise. I cannot imagine building a new Johnny's without Jack Grabeel's experience, skill and knowledge."

-Dan Whalen, the Vice President of Heart of America Group


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