Wea Ridge and Battle Ground Middle Schools, part of Tippecanoe School Corporation, recently hit the refresh button. Both schools underwent renovations in the cafeteria this summer to get kids pumped about lunch. The identical Multiteria serving lines at each school will help to speed up the lunchtime shuffle, moving more people through the lines faster than before. The crisp, new look is sure to increase participation from students and faculty alike.

Today is Tippecanoe School Corporation's first day of school! Wishing all of our K-12 customers a happy beginning to their school year! May the 2019-2020 school year be a happy and successful one.

Randy Truitt from the C&T Design Indianapolis office and rep Tim Christianson from HRI, Inc. worked together to bring this increase in throughput to life.

Summer is a busy install time for C&T Design. We would like to thank our install team for putting in the long hours to get it done and all of the school customers for coordinating schedules to help us make sure that everyone is in tip-top shape to start the school year off right.