At C&T Design and Equipment, we are always looking for ways to improve the restaurant and commercial kitchen design process to help our clients create and build out efficient, high-quality commercial spaces that support their businesses. One way we do that is by leveraging 3D designs and virtual or augmented reality technology.

C&T Partners with Krowne offering Augmented Reality For Bar Design

C&T recently partnered with Krowne to offer commercial bar design via augmented reality technology. This capability allows restaurants and bars to see a new bar in their own space before making decisions and purchasing all the commercial bar and food service equipment. This provides a seamless transition from the planning stage to the execution stage of your bar project to make sure that you feel comfortable with your layout, flow, and bar equipment decisions.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Design

  • Aids in vision and planning of project
  • See exact equipment layout projected into your restaurant or commercial kitchen space
  • Build out fully customizable bar or kitchen and see final outcome before finalizing equipment procurement decisions
  • Supports sizing, spacing, and recommended flow decisions
  • Eliminate project questions and gray areas before they cost you money

C&T Leverages Revit 3D Designs For Virtual Kitchen Tours

C&T Design also leverages Revit 3D modeling to provide virtual kitchen tours. Our restaurant and commercial kitchen design and drafting department does all drawings in Revit, enhancing awareness early on in the project and reducing project risks and mistakes. Our Revit toolset allows us to provide virtual reality tours of a new or remodeled facility to the client during the design phase, giving them the opportunity to understand room spacing and size as well helping to get a feel for the flow of the kitchen before making final decisions. This helps avoid potential conflicts before they become a real problem down the line. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a virtual walk-through for your commercial kitchen design project or about our restaurant and food service consulting services, contact us today.

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