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Food Storage Guidelines

Courtesy of SEFA Dealers and Suppliers

Recommended Storage for Refrigerated Foods

FoodMaximum Storage
Temp ° F
Maximum Storage
Dairy Products
Milk (fluid)403 days
Butter402 weeks in waxed cartons
Cheese (hard)406 months tightly covered
Cheese (soft)407 days in tightly covered container
Ice Cream and Ices103 months in original covered container
Eggs457 days
Fresh3620 days loosely wrapped

Shell Fish

365 days in covered container
Peaches, Plums, Berries507 days unwashed
Apples, Pears, Citrus50-702 weeks, original container
Poultry367 days
Ground382 days
Fresh Meat Cuts386 days
Liver and Variety Meats382 days
Cold Cuts (sliced)386 days
Cured Bacon381 - 4 weeks
Ham (tender cured)381 - 6 weeks
Ham (canned)386 weeks, original container
Dried Beef386 weeks
Leafy457 days

Potatoes, Onions,
Root Vegetables
50-707 - 30 days, dry in ventilated containers

Recommended Storage for Frozen Foods

Frozen Food Maximum Storage Period at 0° F
Eggs6 - 12 months
Fruit8 - 12 months
French-fried potatoes2 - 6 months
Beef6 - 12 months
Lamb and Veal6 - 9 months
Pork3 - 6 months
Sausage and
Ground Meat
1 - 3 months

Cooked Meat,
not covered with gravy
or other sauces
1 month
Meat Sandwiches1 month
Chicken6 - 12 months
Turkey3 - 6 months
Giblets3 months
Cooked poultry meat1 month
Cooked poultry dishes3 - 6 months