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Randell FX Series Fish File Cabinets & Seafood Storage

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Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Fish are expensive and among the most perishable foods we eat. Fish do not like water once they are out of it but must be kept as cold as possible at 32 degrees in order to maintain freshness. Until now ice has really been the only way to reach and hold that temperature. Even a few degrees increase can take days off the shelf life. Imagine the ability to store seafood at the perfect temperature and eliminate the need for the ice bin in the walk-in or a fish file cabinet which requires icing, re-icing and labor to maintain temperature.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet

Storage is the key factor in maintaining the taste and quality of your fresh fish. The FX Series refrigeration system from Randell is the most revolutionary and ideal way to store seafood. The patented design allows the unit to capture and maintain the cold air allowing for precise temperature control. This allows a temperature range of -5 to 40°F or if it's seafood right at 32 degrees. No other refrigeration can give you this kind of control and range in a single unit. And best of all, the unit can be used at point of use under the hood!


No matter which FX fish file cabinet design you choose, it is going to provide you with the ideal storage environment that keeps fish:

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - Fish File Cabinet1) Precisely at 32 Degrees. The operator sets the temperature using the top mounted digital control that allows you to dial in the ideal fish storage temperature of 32 degrees. The precise temperature capability extends shelf life and allows you to consistently create great food.

2) Moist & Hydrated. No dehydration because the lid offers low velocity cooling that uses gravity to pull cold air down around the product versus using fans to circulate cold air around the cabinet and across the top of the product. Low velocity cooling is key to limiting dehydration and waste thereby increasing gross profit percentages.

Randell's FX Series Refrigeration - ABS Insulated Drawer
3) Keeps Fish Away from Water. 
FX refrigeration provides storage "WITHOUT ICE" because the heavy ABS insulated insert provides full access to the product, 100% utilization of the 3 cubic feet of storage and keeps cold with the product eliminating the need for ice and temperature reduction assistance. The cold air flows from the diffuser to all surfaces of the drawer resulting in precise temperature control.


FX Series Refrigeration

  • Convertible refrigeration system (refrigerator to freezer)
  • Temperature set from -5 to 40°F
  • Precise temperature control - holds 32 degrees precisely
  • Removable insulated drawer compartment
  • Ambient drawer track system can accomodate a -5°F operation
  • Horizontal gasket hidden from pan edges

Randell FX Series Refrigeration

Available Options & Accessories

  • Scrap bin
  • Built-in chilled display case
  • Chilled rail area
  • Open storage
  • Mechanically cooled work surface
  • Mechanically cooled elevated rail
  • Hand sink
  • Prep sink with cleaning trough
  • Tare scale shelf
  • Cleaning faucet and hose reel
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