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Why Choose FX Chef Bases

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Randell's FX Series Refrigeration

Better temperature control and stability. The FX Series can operate at any temperature setting between -5 and 40°F, allowing you to store a wide variety of food products. No other refrigeration system allows you to break through the refrigeration barrier to hold 32 degrees or hold precise temperature within +/- 2 degrees no matter the circumstances.

Randell's FX Series RefrigerationFood safety. The magnet-to-magnet seal of the lid to the insert locks cold air in while preventing attacks from warm, humid, and ambient air. This cuts down on spoilage, waste, and reduces the risk of bacterial contaminant which in turn boosts profit.

Energy efficiency. The evaporator coil and fans turn off when the unit is open, saving energy and preventing cold air from being pushed out. A single drawer unit only requires 3.9 amps to run even in the harshest environment.

Reliability. The FX Series chef base front breathing design prevents recycling of the exhausted hot air through the condenser allowing it to run 25 degrees cooler than traditionally designed condensing housings. Even in the hottest kitchens.

Strength. Our tops are designed with a 14 gauge solid core top that will accommodate all types of cooking equipment including chargrills, griddle, fryers and even combination ovens. The top is made with a marine edge that will structurally support up to 225 pounds per linear foot. More than enough for the heaviest pieces of cooking equipment. 

Chef base measurements and size options on page 2 of this document.

Click here for more information on the FX Series.

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